HOT Dry Chain Lube™ with PTFE and Extreme Pressure Additives
is a Synthetic formulation with anti-corrosion components engineered
for normal conditions.

COOL Wet Synthetic Chain Lube™ is an ultra endurance lubricant with
Extreme Pressure and anti-corrosion additives engineered to perform
under severe conditions.


Laboratory Testing

Our laboratory program continues to evolve, developing testing methods to accurately
measure resistance in chain lubrication products. These techniques continue to be used to
maximize performance and longevity.







SPOT™ Lube Oil

Our SPOT™ Lube Oil is perfect for details like dérailleur pivots & brake

calipers. Stays put in adverse conditions. SPOT™ is a waterproof synthetic

medium viscosity oil with anti-corrosion additives.

A little goes a long way! Be careful to keep any and all oil away from

brake pads. Brake pads can harden over time and should be replaced often.



No Drag™ Cable Oil

Improves shifting and braking by reducing friction and keeping the casing

interiors free of abrasive contamination. No Drag™ is a PTFE enhanced

waterproof synthetic oil with anti-corrosion additives.

Apply to new or well cleaned brake and dérailleur

cables before inserting into casings.

Apply to cleat springs and contact points of your
clipless pedals for smooth entry and exit.



Bearing Grease

We are producing two types of high quality bearing grease

to meet the demanding needs of both road and mountain

bike enthusiasts.

RED High Performance Bearing Grease is a

waterproof non-drying lithium formulation with

Extreme Pressure & anti-corrosion additives.

BLUE Extreme Duty Bearing Grease is a

waterproof formulation with Extreme Pressure

& anti-corrosion additives.


Our Gease Guns are perfect for many high performance pedals. Many

of these pedals can be regreased without disassembly using our guns.

Inspect your wheel, bottom bracket & headset bearings

regularly. Detecting problems early will increase

bearing life and performance.



Advanced LUBE Compound is a waterproof non-drying high temperature

formulation. Perfect for bottom bracket cups & metal to metal seat post

and stem applications.

Anti•Seize is NOT needed or recommended for use with ANY carbon

or composite parts. Always follow the manufacturers instructions & ask

a qualified mechanic when required.




DUALCO has been producing Professional

lubrication products since 1960. Products

are made and assembled in the USA.

100% repairable and recyclable.